Friday, March 6, 2015

Summative Science Genetics Questions P.8

1. Which influences who are more - your genes (nature), or your environment (nurture)? Give a reason for your answer.

I personally think that both your genes and your environment influence you. You might be born with a specific trait and your environment could either strengthen that trait or completely get rid of it. It is a balance of how you were born and how, when and where you where raised.

2. What could happen if DNA does not copy itself properly?

The DNA could be mutated and might have a negative impact(Cancer), positive impact(Changed eye color) or it might do nothing at all. another thing that could happen once it copied is it could be attacked by bloods cells because it was different.

3. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. Explain your answers.

The advantage of asexual reproduction is is an organism cannot find a mate for some reason the can reproduce by themselves so they can keep their species living on. A disadvantage of this type of reproduction is all of the traits are passed on and unless there is some sort of mutation occurs they are a sort of twin on the parent organism, this means that they get all the traits including weaknesses and diseases of the parent. The advantage of sexual reproduction is generally you the two parent organisms make an offspring that is stronger then them. I gets have of the traits of each organism which generally makes them stronger. A disadvantage is that you need two organisms and if you cannot find another you cannot have an offspring which in turn means you cannot carry on the species.

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