Sunday, May 10, 2015

Aviation Evolution

Were all of the airplanes exactly the same?
No none of the airplanes were exactly the same because everyone had their own style and changed their airplanes in certain ways like how big the wings were and the way they are curved.
What made them different?
Same as the last question and because some people tried to correct their mistakes from the last round like making the wings bigger or making the plane longer because of previous failures.
Did all of the offspring survive in the second trial to reproduce for the third trial?
No because no one did the same thing because they all had different ideas.
What ‘variations’ helped those survive and reproduce? (e.g. wing size, length, width, etc.)How are they reflected in nature?
Most people had big wings for stability or small wings for speed in the air. These are kind of like how some birds with big wings glide and there are other ones that tuck in their wings for speed.
What outside factors affected the planes while testing them? How are they reflected in nature?

The way you throw the plane could be compared to how a bird takes off in nature.

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