Monday, May 11, 2015

Basilisk Lizard

The past of the basilisk lizard or “Jesus Christ Lizard” is very obscure but still exists, This lizard is similar to the iguana in many ways (bone structure, food type, etc.) so much so that they share a similar ancestor the giant iguana. Many lizard species branch of of this one iguana and the basilisk lizard is one of them.
The basilisk lizard lives in lush forests in central and south america they usually live near rivers so that just in case any predators invade their home they can use their unique ability to run on water for short distances. This is the reason this lizard is called the “Jesus Christ Lizard”, this is referring to the moment in the bible when Jesus Christ walked on water. It is their unique body structure that allows them to do this, it is a combination of their long tail, large feet and obviously speed.
The basilisk lizard has the ability to run like many other prehistoric animals did like the Archaeopteryx a bird ancestor. This small bird could also run on water for short distances like the basilisk lizard and soon enough it took flight, I'm not saying that the basilisk lizard will develop giant wings like a dragon but it might develop longer ribs like the Draco or “flying lizard” so that it could glide.

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